We had been sleeping for a number of years on a futon bed and the cotton batting mattress had become uneven and lumpy so we decided a new bed was needed. A search through area furniture stores was disappointing, most of what we saw did not look like it was solid enough to last even one lifetime. So I built us a bed frame with 6”X6” corner posts held together by wedged mortise and tenon joints so it could be disassembled and moved. Long after Sue and I are gone someone will be peacefully slumbering on it. This same process was repeated when a new dining table with a bench was needed and when people came to our house and saw these pieces some of them wanted one for their home. 

We use primarily locally grown hardwoods to make our furniture, so maple, ash, oak, birch, and cherry are most common. As you can see from the photographs, some of the pieces are made with milled edges and some of them feature the natural edges just as they came on the tree. When someone requests a piece made from clear knot free wood we can provide it, but when possible I try to incorporate the natural features of the wood making use of pieces that may otherwise end up in the firewood pile. Dovetails and a variety of mortise and tenon joints are used  to create furniture that is truly built to last.

Quimby Wood Designs


If you are looking for custom wood canoe or sea kayak paddles designed and crafted without compromise, you have found them. 

Quimby Construction has concentrated primarily on timber frames, but we also build other types of energy efficient homes and outbuildings. 

Quimby Furniture is the most recent addition to our list of high quality wood products. Our designs are a combination of craftsman and big slab live edge influences.