If you are looking for custom wood canoe or sea kayak paddles designed and crafted without compromise, you have found them. 

Quimby Construction has concentrated primarily on timber frames, but we also build other types of energy efficient homes and outbuildings. 

Quimby Furniture is the most recent addition to our list of high quality wood products. Our designs are a combination of craftsman and big slab live edge influences.


Why is it that some buildings last for hundreds of years while others have a much shorter lifespan? It certainly isn’t because timber frames are inherently superior to other construction techniques since there are numerous builders erecting high quality, energy efficient stud frame structures. There are three principal factors that contribute to the long term sustainability of a building and they are design, building to standards that meet or exceed that design and the perception of the owners that the structure is worth the cost of maintaining it. Timber frames tend to have a high perceived value by their owners but if the other factors are not well executed the long term viability of the structure will still be in question. 

The design of a building which will stand the test of time should not be based on the egotistical expression of a designer, builder / architect or by the whims of current fashion. Every building I have designed is the result of a collaboration with the future owners, patterns that have withstood the test of time and the environment within which it was placed. When initial discussions of design take place with a prospective client it is natural to concentrate on the floor plan, shape of the building, siting, interior and exterior finishes, etc. While all of these are important considerations, if the structure is going to last it must be placed on a foundation built to endure centuries of exposure to harsh environmental conditions. If this is beginning to sound like constructing a long lasting energy efficient building could get complicated, then you are correct. Now add in various insulating options, air handling and mechanical systems, lighting, etc. And it becomes obvious that an experienced design / build team is necessary to create a modern home.

The first timber frame I designed was built in 1994 with the help of two local craftsmen. Since then we have built a variety of timber frames both large and small as well as a number of buildings using other construction techniques which all share the qualities of environmental awareness and longevity. The pictures you see here are all of buildings designed to last for centuries and we believe this is one of the important ingredients necessary to create a sustainable future.


Quimby Wood Designs